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IbookDB Android E-book App

Product Type Android App Template
App Platform Android
Last Update 02/01/2023
Files Included java, XML, PHP & Documentation
Software Version Android 12.0, Android 11.0, Android 10.0, Android 9.0, Other
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Admin Panel
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username – [email protected]
pass – 123456
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IbookDB is an Android template app for creating an e-book reading and management platform. It allows users to browse, and read e-books from a central library and organize and manage their e-book collection.

This Android app includes several features that follow Google's Material Design guidelines, including a bottom navigation bar and ripple effect. It also has an admin panel that utilizes PHP and MySQL, and integrates with AdMob to support various ad formats. The app supports push notifications using FCM and Firebase, and includes GDPR compliance. It is able to display books in a variety of formats, including PDF, TXT, and HTML, and includes features such as bookmarking, page navigation, searching, and in-app book requests. The app also includes a splash screen, an in-app update feature, options for rating, sharing, and accessing other apps, and an about dialog. The code for the app is well-documented and follows good programming practices. The app also includes a dark theme and a shimmer effect on refresh.

IbookDB is likely targeted towards independent authors and publishers looking to create their own branded e-book platform and individuals who want a convenient and centralized way to manage their e-book collection. It is important to note that IbookDB is just a template app and will require further development and customization in order to create a fully functional e-book platform.


  • Android Studio
  • Gradle 7.3
  • Java Programming Language
  • PHP & MySQL Database
  • Web Hosting & Domain
  • TargetSdkVersion 33
  • Text Editor: VS Code


  • Implement Google Material Material Design for Android
  • Bottom Navigation
  • Admin Panel (PHP & MySQL Database)
  • AdMob Ad Networks
  • Support  Banner, Interstitial & Native Ad formats
  • Integrated with FCM & Firebase Push Notification
  • Support PDF, TXT, HTML
  • Bookmark with the last reading page
  • Swipe to the next or previous page
  • Jump to page number
  • Search books
  • Splash Screen
  • In-App Book Request
  • In-App Update
  • Rate, Share & More apps
  • About Dialog
  • Easy to configure
  • Ripple Effect
  • Swipe to refresh
  • Shimmer Effect on Refresh
  • Load More Pagination
  • Dark Theme
  • Clean Code
  • Well Documentation

In conclusion, IbookDB is a useful tool for developers who want to create an e-book reading app for Android devices. It provides a template with many of the necessary features and functions already implemented, saving developers time and effort in the development process. With its library management and reading interface, IbookDB can serve as a solid foundation for a customized e-book reading app that meets the specific needs and preferences of its users.


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