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How to extract data from HTML page source using Java

There are several ways to extract data from an HTML page source within a webpage using Android Studio and Java. One popular way is...

How to Make Parts of a TextView Text Clickable – Android Tutorial

In Android Studio, you can make parts of a TextView clickable by setting its movement method to LinkMovementMethod and defining clickable spans within the...

create a standout splash screen for your Android app

in-depth guidelines for the Android splash screen. A splash screen is a loading screen that appears when you first launch an app. This screen, also...

5 Creative Ways to Style Your Android TextView

As an Android developer, you know that TextViews are an essential part of any app. They allow you to display text, links, and other...

Android App Colors A-Z

android colors Android colors are the colors that are used in the design of Android operating systems and applications. These colors are defined in the...

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